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Classes for adults and children. All levels of experience. Small class sizes for personal attention. Contact me for scheduling and pricing. Looking for a class you don't see here? Contact me to discuss!

Beginner Quilting

Want to get started on your Quilting journey? This is the class for you! Learn everything you need to know to start your first quilt. We’ll talk about fabric, color and design. Specific techniques will be covered, including measuring, rotary cutting, and sewing and pressing seams. We’ll explore basic block designs from Log Cabin to Friendship Star. Must have basic sewing skills and familiarity with a sewing machine. Handouts provided.


Suggested length: 8 hours, broken into 2 or 4 sessions.


Supplies: A collection of contrasting fat quarters. sSewing machine, thread. Rotary cutter, rulers, cutting mat. Pins, seam ripper, marking tool.

Finishing Your Quilt

This class is recommended as a follow-up to the Beginner class. Learn everything you need to know to complete a quilt, including layering, basting, quilting, binding and adding a label and sleeve. We'll work on a small piece to ensure time to finish.


Suggested length: 6 hours, broken into 2 or 3 sessions.


Supplies: A pieced quilt top/block no larger than 18", backing fabric, and batting. Fabric for binding, sleeve and label. Sewing machine with a walking (or even feed) foot, thread to match quilt top. Rotary cutter, rulers, cutting mat. Safety pins, binding clips, seam ripper, marking tool.

Trip Around the World Block

Trip around the world is a traditional quilt block pattern that uses contrasting fabric strips to create it's graphic pattern. The final design is achieved by thoughtful placement of the strips and the color and contrast of those strips. For this class, simple strip piecing techniques will be used, as well as a novel "tube" sewing and cutting method. You will also learn techniques for matching up and sewing multiple seams for ideal block results. You will also go over placement options of the completed blocks in a quilt layout. Must have knowledge of piecing and using a rotary cutter. Handouts provided.


Suggested length: 2 hours.


Supplies: 6 fat quarters that have contrast (dark medium, light). Sewing machine, thread. Rotary cutter, ruler, cutting mat. Pins, seam ripper (critical to this method).

Square Play

Have a 2.5” square charm pack, and wondering what to do with it? How about a jelly roll you’ve been holding for the perfect project? Look no further! In this class we’ll explore designing a quilt with squares, from color placement to final layout, on a design wall. Once your quilt design is completed, you’ll learn easy and precise piecing methods to put it all together. Sewing experience needed, some quilt piecing experience helpful.


Suggested class time: 5-6 hours.


Supplies: Recommend a portable design wall surface, if piecing is not completed in class. (Flannel-backed vinyl tablecloths work great for this). As many charm packs and/or jelly rolls as needed for size of desired finished quilt. Rotary cutter, ruler, cutting mat. Sewing machine, thread. Pins, seam ripper.


Improv Blocks

Want to try your hand at Improvisational piecing, but you’re still more comfortable with traditional blocks? Here’s a way to combine both! Use freeform piecing techniques to create “fabric” that can then be used for your blocks. Forget the patterns and templates and have some fun! Must have knowledge of piecing and using a rotary cutter.


Suggested length: 5 hours.


Supplies: Fabric scraps, fat quarters or yardage. Sewing machine, thread. Rotary cutter, ruler, cutting mat. Pins, seam ripper.

Improv Quilting

Take your quilting in a whole new direction with Improvisational piecing. Let color, shape and serendipity lead you to your finished quilt. We'll start with a fun exercise to teach methods for cutting and piecing. Then students will be encouraged to pursue their own improv journey. Design concepts like balance and color harmony will be discussed.


Suggested length: 6 hours, 1 or 2 sessions.


Supplies: Fabric scraps, fat quarters and/or yardage. Sewing machine, thread. Rotary cutter, ruler, cutting mat. Pins, seam ripper.

Magic Pillowcase

A simple yet fun project. Learn useful techniques like French seams. For beginners and advanced sewers alike. Kids welcome in this fun class! If your child might be interested in sewing – bring them along. The pattern is from Connecting Threads, and will need to be downloaded (for free) and printed out before class.


Suggested length: 2 hours.


Supplies: ¾ yard for body, ¼ yard for cuff, and 1.5” by width of fabric for accent band. Sewing machine, thread. Ruler, scissors or rotary cutter, cutting mat. Pins, tape measure, seam ripper.

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